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The way to make time go faster when you are travelling from one place to another in truck trailers and on fishing boats
How to make time go faster when you're travelling from one place to another in truck trailers and on fishing boats
shieldoxygen5 am 07.04.2021 um 00:27 (UTC)
 Hi. This is a short story of my life in USA. . I didn't remain long in every place, from a few months to a couple of years possibly the most in New York, but hey, this is New York, you just can't pass it , you have to give it a year or two of your life. I almost guarantee it will be the most exciting time in your life, if you give New York a few of it. No matter what you believe, this isn't a story about good place or bad places in the USA, no. . This is just a story about getting from one spot to another.

I think I have some sort of kind of attention deficit problems... I never tried to go for a doctor about it, mother never had me tested, as Sheldon always said from the Big Bang Theory, so I don't know for sure if it's true, but I do notice myself falling things in the middle because they got boring, stopping watching some show after 5 seasons, cause it suddenly lacks interest, etc.. My home basement is full of these unfinished projects of mine. Perhaps somebody some day will find them and finish them all, but I just can't bring myself to touch them. Yet my mind is always searching for the next interesting thing, next attractive concept, next viral gadget, program or even new Tik Tok challenge, - I've tried them all and have seen all of them.

And so after travelling several times in the back of a trailer, or even taking big boat to Alaska and back, I would find myself trying to get into something, maybe start new book or perhaps watch some long delayed TV show I downloaded with Hulu program for offline viewing. . Always something new, because you have to agree, being stuck on a ship - there's nothing to do, literally no actions, except appearing in any way until your eyes start watering. And so one of the things that I keep discovering most exciting has been the science fiction podcasts and scientific myth debunking.

First I got into this line of shows by watching a couple of these on Hulu and Netflix. Then it was to How stuff is made and after a few nature documentaries. Finally I've come across these several different video publishers on Youtube. They all know one another and constantly quote their competitors, yet they do not do it or seeking to discredit the colleagues, no way. They actually are friendly to one another and occasionally meet up for a concerted event, if their experiments require help this time. I've been watching their shows for quite a while, although the majority of them don't have to be watched, you can simply listen to what they are talking about, it's quite educational, and most of the episodes do not even include any experimental stuff, they are always of discussion, contemplating nature. .

I've tried at first downloading videos from Youtube to my laptop, but eventually I realized I was just stuffing my laptop with dead weight of video I did not care for, all I wanted was that the audio parts, sort of turning videos into brief podcasts. This online Youtube to mp3 converter was really useful, I am able to type in my station title, any of the four channels, and it brings up the list of movies published on that channel, sorted last in first, which makes it very easy to find new uploads, download them, as I do recently, convert video to mp3 and save to my smartphone. Then later I simply connect my headphones to it and listen to debunk videos as podcasts. They usually tell in the beginning if this will be a visual or simply talking episode, which makes it much easier for me to decide which way to go, convert to mp3 or mp4, audio or video file. .

Time spent between port of departure and point of destination is always filled with anticipation, waiting for new interesting things to happen, anticipating to see new places, have lots of fun and educate yourself on matters actually real. . That's why I personally sometimes don't even wait to get there and check Youtube for lectures about the area. It will cost a monthly fee, and it'll only work while you're physically elsewhere, it will not be possible to hear about Texas while being in Illinois, but it is still a excellent idea. . It is going to cost a hefty annual subscription of maybe $40 or so, but if you travel a lot it will be worth it for sure. It's right up my favourite thing - lazy methods of learning, earning, etc..

No matter whether it is KC's smooth voice telling you about surroundings, or you've saved some intriguing videos from Youtube into mp3 and replicated to your phone, it is still very suggested to occupy yourself with something interesting during lengthy sedentary trips. If you like bikes and outdoor trips, - don't do that, as you will make yourself unaware of the situation, if your ears are full of podcast, so it's dangerous. But travelling at the backseat of a vehicle or in the belly of a boat, keep it in mind to check on fun stuff and keep yourself amused.





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